Can’t Get Chinese Army Special Ops Training Manual

Most of the world’s militaries keep certain training and tactics manuals secret. The Chinese military is no exception. In fact, the Chinese Army’s special operations manual is one of the most closely guarded secrets in the military. It is filled with strategies and tactics that many militaries have only recently had access to.

The Chinese Army has been historically famous for its ability to conduct highly successful special operations. From the Great Wall of China to the Mongol invasion, it has been at the forefront of military knowledge since ancient times. Today, the Chinese Army is deploying special forces to defend territory and counter terrorism operations.

In the past, the Chinese Army has relied on non-traditional tactics such as guerilla warfare and unconventional tactics. This has allowed them to remain one of the most powerful militaries in the world. They have often been the first to try new tactics and technology, such as using the Internet for intelligence gathering.

However, the Chinese Army does not share their special operations training manual with the rest of the world. The Chinese government keeps the manual classified for strategic and tactical reasons. This means that military experts around the world are left in the dark when it comes to understanding the Chinese Army’s advanced tactics and capabilities.

The Chinese Army’s manual is said to be highly advanced and contains tactics and strategies that are not used in other militaries. this gives the Chinese a tactical edge in combat operations. It is also said to include techniques for camouflage, surveillance, and targeting that are far beyond those used by other militaries. These techniques are believed to be invaluable in the battle against terrorism.

Military analysts speculate that the Chinese Army’s special operations training manual contains an array of tactical strategies and techniques that can give it a significant edge in combat operations. However, without access to the manual, the world’s militaries would be unable to benefit from such tactics. This has left many experts wondering just what kind of advantage the Chinese Army has, and how this could affect future conflicts.

Why the Chinese Army Keep their Special Ops Training Manual Secret

The Chinese Army is highly protective of their special operations training manual, and for good reason. It contains strategies and tactics that they don’t want to become public knowledge. These strategies are highly sophisticated and can give them an edge in combat operations, which could be invaluable in the event of war.

In addition to keeping these tactics a secret, the Chinese government also uses the manual to keep their military capabilities a secret. This allows them to maintain an air of mystery, and can be used as a tactical advantage should they ever need to deploy their forces overseas.

The Chinese are also concerned that the manual could fall into the wrong hands and be used to carry out terrorist attacks. They fear that terrorists could use the tactics to launch devastating attacks against the Chinese, or other countries. As a result, they have decided to keep the manual highly classified, so as to protect their nation and citizens from potential disaster.

Finally, the Chinese military wants to keep the secrets in the manual in order to maintain their tactical advantage over other nations. By maintaining the secrecy of their tactics, they can be sure that no other nation can use the information to their own advantage. This helps them stay one step ahead of their adversaries and potential enemies.

Potential Ramifications Of Not Having Access To The Manual

Without access to the Chinese Army’s special operations training manual, the world’s militaries are in a weaker position. Knowing the exact techniques used by the Chinese would allow them to better prepare for potential conflicts. It would also enable them to develop new strategies and tactics that could be used against the Chinese Army in the future.

The lack of access to the manual could also lead to a sort of military Cold War between the Chinese and other countries. This could mean increased tension, and some experts fear that it could even lead to an arms race between the two sides.

Finally, some experts believe that the lack of access to the manual could lead to a decrease in international cooperation. The manual contains a great deal of information about the Chinese Army’s tactics and capabilities, which could be used by other countries to better prepare for conflicts. Without it, the world’s militaries may be forced to take a more cautious approach to warfare.


The Chinese government may be reluctant to share their special operations training manual, but there are some solutions that can be explored. The first is a more open dialogue between the Chinese and other countries. This could help to create a more trusting relationship and make the Chinese feel more comfortable sharing the information.

In addition, the international community could pressure the Chinese government to open the manual. This could be done through diplomatic means, such as economic sanctions or diplomatic pressure. By putting pressure on the Chinese, it could help to push them to share the information, as they would want to avoid an international incident.

A third solution would be for the Chinese to share the manual with a select group of countries, such as the United States or other allies. This would help to ensure that the information is not leaked or misused, while still providing access to the manual for those countries that need it.

Finally, the United Nations could be an intermediary in the process. The UN would be an ideal third-party to handle negotiations between the Chinese and other countries. This could help to ensure that the Chinese don’t feel threatened or vulnerable, while also allowing other nations to benefit from the Chinese Army’s military knowledge.


The Chinese Army’s special operations training manual is a closely guarded secret, but there are ways that the international community can gain access to it. By engaging in open dialogue, putting diplomatic pressure on the Chinese government, or using the United Nations as an intermediary, the secrets of the manual could be revealed. This could provide a great advantage to the world’s militaries, and could help to avoid a military Cold War between the Chinese and other countries.

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