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The Chinese army, also referred to as the People’s Liberation Army, is among the largest military forces in the world. As of the end of 2019 it has close to two million troops, with two thirds of those active personnel and the other third held in reserve. It is composed of a combination of ground forces, navy, air force, missiles, rocket forces and strategic forces. This article will explore the vastness of the Chinese army, looking at its backgrounds, its size, its function and the variety of roles it has in its own nation and globally.


The Chinese army has a long and intricate history stretching back thousands of years. It originated as the main military force for the imperial dynasties of ancient China, developing in time a highly sophisticated system of military administration and organization. Its focus over time changed from protecting its own citizens and defending its borders from external threats to expanding its influence and trying to attain a dominant role in Asia and the world. The Chinese army was the primary force behind the creation of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

In modern times the Chinese army is responsible for defending the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of its own nation, as well as for representing China in international military exchanges. It is also involved in providing humanitarian assistance, maintaining world peace and contributing to international stability.


As mentioned earlier, the active-duty force of the Chinese army is made up of 1.3 million personnel including the 27 specialized corps of approximately 900,000. There are also 200,000 officers and 400,000 staff officers. The reserves of the Chinese army consist of 400,000 soldiers and total about 1.9 million personnel, with about 800,000 of those being conscripts since universal service is compulsory in China.

These numbers make the Chinese army the world’s largest at the present time, with only the United States approaching the same size. This giant military force is well equipped with over 6,000 tanks, close to 5,000 artillery pieces and a large variety of missiles and missiles launchers.


One of the primary functions of the Chinese army is maintaining internal peace and order, helping to enforce the law and protecting citizens. The army also participates in disaster relief operations when needed, as well as providing social services such as providing medical care and helping to build infrastructure.

The Chinese army also serves an important role in international affairs, often participating in UN peacekeeping missions and providing other forms of support for countries through military and financial aid. In this way, the Chinese army is an increasingly prominent part of global relations, and its actions and presence abroad are increasingly influential.

Finally, the Chinese army is also responsible for research and development, notably in the field of artificial intelligence, and often collaborates with civilian industry and scientists to further this endeavor.


The Chinese army plays an important role in the internal and external affairs of the country. Domestically, it is charged with maintaining order, preventing and detecting crime, assisting in disaster relief efforts, providing medical and other services and helping to develop the infrastructure of the country. Internationally, it serves as a major presence with force and support and plays a key role in international relations.

The Chinese army is also divided into a small number of units, each with its own roles. One of the biggest of these is the Special Operations Force, responsible for counterterrorism, unconventional warfare, reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, search and rescue, special protection of VIPs and unconventional warfare support.

The Chinese army is also in the process of developing new types of weapons, such as hypersonic glide vehicles. These weapons will be equipped with improved sensors and data links, allowing them to respond quickly in battle. The Chinese army is also fielding a vast array of unmanned aerial vehicles, which will provide a greater advantage in combat.

Expert Insights

Many experts are of the opinion that the Chinese army is indeed one of the most powerful military forces on the planet, with a wide range of capabilities that can be adapted to different types of operations. The fact that it is the largest military in the world only adds to its reputation and gives it the potential to have an even greater influence.

Experts also point out that the Chinese army is very adaptable and resilient, able to quickly adjust to changes in the international environment or in the internal dynamics of the nation. This can be seen in its continual improvements in technology and its ability to deploy forces quickly and respond to crises with minimal warning.

The Chinese army is a versatile force that can be used to advance the interests of the nation both domestically and internationally. Its rapid expansion in recent years, as well as its increased presence in international settings, indicates that it is poised to take on an even more important role in the future.

Analysis and Insights

Given the size, power and ambition of the Chinese army, it is not surprising that it has become one of the most influential military forces in the world. As the Chinese economy continues to grow and the nation’s presence and influence continues to increase, so too will the role of the Chinese army.

The Chinese army is seen by many as a source of stability in the region, both for its own nation and for its neighbors. Its involvement in international affairs and its ability to rapidly deploy forces show that it is a force to be reckoned with, and its increasing presence in international settings is a sign of its growing power and influence. As such, the Chinese army is likely to be an increasingly important player on the global stage in the years to come.

Chinese Army’s Technologies

In recent years, the Chinese army has invested heavily in researching and developing new technologies that can give its forces a major advantage in combat. This has included the adoption of artificial intelligence, advanced processing algorithms, and the development of autonomous vehicle technologies. These developments have allowed the Chinese army to take on new roles and responsibilities in the region, both in the domestic security sphere and in international affairs.

The Chinese army is also making strides in the field of missile technology, with the development of better missiles and improved guidance systems. Hypersonic glide vehicles are also being developed, with the aim of providing the Chinese army with a more powerful missile system that can travel further and faster than traditional missiles.

Finally, the Chinese army is researching and developing a variety of unmanned aerial vehicles that it can use to scout potential targets and assist in combat operations. These drones are capable of autonomous operations, and their use can greatly increase the ability of the Chinese army to respond to crises quickly and effectively.

Regional Impact

The presence of the Chinese army in the region has had a major impact on the dynamics of geopolitical relationships. The Chinese army’s scale and capabilities have caused other nations in the region to reconsider their own security strategies and military posture, leading to increased military spending and a shift in the balance of power.

The Chinese army also serves as a powerful deterrent that helps to maintain peace in the region. Its involvement in international disputes and its presence in international military exercises are a reminder of the strength and reach of China’s military capabilities. This serves as a reminder for other nations to take precautionary measures to prevent conflict and keep tensions from escalating.

In addition, the Chinese army has contributed to regional stability and peace by participating in joint military exercises, which has helped to foster cooperation and collaboration between nations and to protect shared interests.


As its power and influence grows, the Chinese army is also becoming increasingly involved in international affairs. It has been more active in global peacekeeping missions, providing humanitarian aid and participating in military exercises and joint operations with other forces.

The Chinese army is also playing an increasingly important role in the global economy, with Chinese companies selling a variety of military equipment to other countries. This further strengthens the Chinese army’s presence in international affairs and gives it a strong presence in the global market.

Finally, the Chinese army is also playing an important role in promoting globalization and in helping to protect values of human rights and democracy. Its presence in international affairs and its involvement in global affairs makes it an increasingly influential force in the international community.

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