What Does Mulan Change Her Name To After Chinese Army

Mulan Joins the Chinese Army

Mulan is a beloved Disney character and an iconic Chinese figure in modern culture. She is a young woman who defies traditional definitions of femininity, entering the ancient Chinese army in place of her ailing father. In a society underpinned by patriarchy and traditional gender roles, Mulan’s story of bravery and daring has become an inspiration for generations. She joins the Chinese army posing as Ping, a proud and highly-regarded identity suitable for war.

Some viewers of the film are aware that Mulan’s true identity is evident before she leaves home disguised as Ping. In a touching scene, Mulan’s mother presents her with a new symbolic sword which is decorated with her real name, Hua. The scene can be seen as a tribute to Mulan’s true identity, and her courage to stay true to herself when faced with society’s expectations.

However, her courage to stand up for her own beliefs against society’s expectations is not reserved for just this moment. In the army, Mulan is filled with the same boldness, despite now taking on her assumed identity as a warrior. As Ming-Na Wen ‘Mulan’ stated in a BFI interview “she’s a proactive character. That was really, really important for me to portray that with her—that courage, that strength and that will to make a change”.

Not only does she make a decision directly affecting her own life, but Mulan’s bravery in joining the army allows her to save her family from the same fate, should her father be unable to survive himself. Throughout the conflict, Mulan is forever conscious of her original mission – to protect her family and her home. Expert with a bow and arrow and a skilled acrobat, her courage and tactics serve her well in the conflict.

Although she is something of a hero in the film, Mulan is not praised and idolised by the Chinese army until she publicly reveals her true identity at the end of the story. Once they discover she is, in fact, a woman, the army honour her as a hero who served her country bravely and selflessly while refusing to bow to rigid gender rules.

Ultimately, Mulan’s name change during her time in the army can be seen a contradiction to the traditional values of a patriarchal society. Her joining the army not only sets aside outdated gender roles and proves her physical, emotional and mental strength, but her new identity of Ping allows her to become true to herself, enabling her to achieve greatness away from the crumbling gender divide.

Mulan’s Bravery and Determination

Mulan’s true identity is a symbol of bravery in the face of gender inequality, as well as a representation of the courage and determination to take charge of her own destiny. Through her determination she protects her family, defies the sexist and traditional stereotypes of the time, and single-handedly saves all of China.

Taking on the role of Ping, Mulan faced the challenge of shaping this new identity and making it her own. Despite her courage and bravery in joining the army, she also faced another challenge. How could she deeply commit to playing Ping, but still remain true to her own identity? In Mulan’s story, she exemplifies the strength of a determined individual’s character.

Today in many societies, although there has been much social progress, the glass ceiling of inequality still persists. As seen in Mulan’s story, gender roles still play an important part in many cultures. It is this that makes her story continue to inspire generations of people both within and outside of the gender equality fight.

Changing the Tide of Gender Equality

In the age of the #MeToo movement and the fight for gender equality, Mulan’s story resonates with many people today. It is a story of a woman refusing to be defined by society’s expectations for her and taking control of her own destiny. It is a story of courage and daring against the tide of gender inequality that still persists in all societies today.

Mulan’s story, the courage and resolution she shows, and her subtle but powerful weapon of changing her own name, resonate with us all today. Through small but powerful actions, there can still be tremendous change, even in societies that prioritize values associated with gender roles.

Mulan’s Impact Today

Mulan’s story has continued to have a huge influence in modern culture and across generations. Today, she is seen as an icon for gender equality and a role model for young girls. In taking control of her own destiny, she sets herself up as an example of the power and inspiration one woman can have.

Mulan’s modern-day resonance is also attested to in her later transition to live-action. Once again, she is acclaimed as a powerful icon of courage and determination, inspiring many with her story and legacy. Hollywood is becoming more active in providing better representation of women, and the live-action remake of Mulan cements her influence and influence in today’s society.

Mulan’s Representation in Media

Alongside the transition of Mulan from animated film to live-action, her story is still of relevance and importance in modern culture and across generations. As The Guardian writer Richard Lea puts it: “the animated version of Mulan was resonant with the transition from the last century to this. A war is being fought and Mulan must go in her father’s place to save him, so too with the suffragettes in the early part of the 20th century who, facing imprisonments, internment camps and beatings, had to step in against the status quo”.

In this way, it is now more important than ever that we should be mindful of the history of women. More than ever it is important to remember the courage and resilience of women, and to recognize the struggles that have been made to fight the status quo.

Mulan is an excellent example of this strength and determination that is still evident across societies today. Combined with her transition to live-action, she is more of an icon today than ever. Her story and representation in media continue to be a huge inspiration for generations to come.

Mulan’s Legacy

In the present day, Mulan is continually celebrated for her courage, bravery and determination in the face of injustice. As an iconic female character she is now recognized as an important symbol for female empowerment and for the ongoing fight for gender equality. Through her legacy and legacy of strength, she stands as a hero and an example of just how powerful one person can be in the face of gendered expectation.

Mulan’s story is a reminder of the importance of being true to oneself and a demonstration of just how far one person can go when they commit to finding inner strength and refusing to be limited by society’s expectations. Despite only being an animated Disney character, her powerful story has been an inspiration for generations, and her legacy will continue to resonate with people for years to come.

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