What is the standard rifle for the russian army?

The standard rifle for the Russian Army is the AK-74. It is a gas-operated, semi-automatic rifle that was first adopted by the Soviet Army in 1974. It is chambered for the 5.45x39mm cartridge and has a 30-round magazine.

There is no one “standard rifle” for the Russian Army. Depending on the unit and the mission, soldiers may be equipped with a variety of different rifles, including the AK-74, the AK-12, the SVD, or the Dragunov.

Does Russian army still use AK 47?

The AK-47 is a Soviet assault rifle that was first used in 1947. It remained the standard weapon of the Soviet army for the 1980s. Today, it is still used by the Russian military in conflicts such as the Chechen war.

The MP443 Grach pistol is the current issue Russian military sidearm. It features a high capacity magazine, easy-to-use sights and modern ergonomics. It is a formidable backup weapon for any Russian soldier.

Does the Russian military still use 7.62 x39

The 762×39 is a versatile round that is still used by the Soviet/Russian military. It is used in assault weapons and light machine guns. The 762x54R is a powerful round that is used in machine guns and sniper rifles.

The QBZ-95 is the Chinese standard-issue rifle, chambered for the 58×42mm DBP87 round. Due to issues associated with the original design, the PLA began a program to improve the Type 95. The QBZ-95 is the result of that program. It is a gas-operated, magazine-fed, selective fire bullpup rifle.

What rifle does the Ukrainian army use?

The Malyuk hyper-modern bullpup rifle is a favourite of the Ukrainian armed forces. With balance, reliability, accuracy and ergonomics built into the rifle, it is easily controlled with one hand and has both a single and automatic firing mode.

The G36 is a gas-operated assault rifle. It uses a short-stroke piston gas system and is fed from a 30-round detachable magazine. The G36 has a selective fire system, with a fire mode selector switch on the left side of the receiver that allows the user to choose between semi-automatic mode, full-automatic mode, and a three-round burst mode.

The G36 is a modular weapon system. The receiver is made of a fiber-reinforced polymer and can be fitted with different barrels and stocks to suit the needs of the user. The G36 is available in a number of different configurations, including a carbine, a designated marksman rifle, and a light machine gun.

The G36 is a reliable and accurate weapon. It is easy to control in full-automatic mode and is capable of engaging targets at long range. The G36 has been adopted by a number of militaries and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Which is better AK-47 or AK-74?

The 545x39mm cartridge of the AK-74 makes it a more accurate and reliable rifle compared to the AK-47, which uses a 762x39mm cartridge. The smaller cartridge size of the AK-74 makes it easier to control and increases the accuracy of the rifle. Additionally, the AK-74 is more reliable due to its higher quality construction and better materials.

The AK-47 is one of the most famous Russian weapons. It is a cheap, durable and easy-to-use assault rifle that is the standard infantry weapon for more than 100 countries. It was developed by Soviet army general Mikhail Kalashnikov in the 1940s.

Which has more stopping power 5.56 or 7.62 x39

The 762×39 may have a higher velocity than the 556, but the 556 has more energy and stopping power. This is due to the fact that the 556 is a heavier bullet.

The308 Winchester and 762x54R both have very similar external ballistics, but the 308 has a slightly flatter trajectory and retains a little bit more energy at longer range because it fires a bullet with a higher ballistic coefficient. The higher ballistic coefficient means that the 308 bullet is less affected by wind and other factors that can cause a bullet to deviate from its intended path.

What replaced the AK-47 in Russia?

The replacement of the AK-47 and AKM rifles with the newer AK-74 began in 1974 by the Soviets. The AK-74 uses 545x39mm ammunition, which is more powerful than the AK-47’s 7.62x39mm ammunition. This change was likely made in response to the increasing use of body armor by Western militaries, as the 545x39mm round is much more effective at penetrating body armor than the 7.62x39mm round.

The North Korean weapon integrates a modified Type 88-2 assault rifle, which is entirely conventional in design. It is a gas-operated weapon, chambered for a standard Soviet 545×39 mm ammunition. This weapon is extremely reliable and will fire in worst conditions possible.

What rifles do the British army use

The SA80 A2 comprises the Individual Weapon (IW) and the Light Support Weapon (LSW). These are the British Army’s standard combat weapons. Made by Heckler and Koch, they fire NATO standard 556 x 45mm ammunition.

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Does the Ukrainian army use AK-47?

The AK-47 is a highly effective weapon, but it has some drawbacks. One of these is that it uses a different ammunition than what is used by NATO forces. This can make it difficult for Ukrainian soldiers to interoperate with NATO troops. To address this, Ukraine’s military developed the WAC-47. This weapon is similar to the M4 used by NATO forces, and uses the same ammunition. It was adopted by Ukraine’s military in 2017.

Russia has a large number of old tanks that have been sitting outside and exposed to the elements for many years. These tanks are in poor condition and their rubber seals are brittle. As a result, Russia does not have the ability to effectively use these tanks in combat.


The standard rifle for the Russian army is the AK-74.

There is no definitive answer to this question as the standard rifle for the Russian army has varied throughout the years. However, some of the most popular choices have been the AK-47 and the AK-74.

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