What Rifle Does Chinese Army Use

What Rifle Does Chinese Army Use

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is no feature writer’s modern armed force to be reckoned with. The PLA is armed with an expansive array of rifles for a variety of roles including combat, sniping and other various specialized operations. In recent years, the PLA has adopted a number of state of the art weapons to use in its vast and varied armed forces divisions. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army employs numerous types of rifles in its roster of equipment.
Perhaps the most recognizable and iconic customized rifle of the Chinese Army is the QBZ-95 assault rifle, which is used in the majority of PLA infantry divisions. The QBZ-95 was first issued to PLA troops in 1995 and remains the standard assault rifle used by forces today. It is 5.8mm in caliber and fires in both semi and full automatic modes with a maximum rate of fire of 950 rounds per minute. The QBZ-95 utilizes a bullpup design, which moves the magazine and internal parts behind the trigger group and reduces the overall length of the rifle. This produces a compact and efficient fire design for urban combat which has been highly popular for many Chinese soldiers.
The QBU-88 Sniper rifle is the component of the PLA’s arsenal specifically geared toward marksmanship and sniping engagements. As with the QBZ-95, the QBU-88 is 5.8mm in caliber and specifically designed for neutralizing and disabling targets from far distances. Which makes it extremely effective in both offense and defense scenarios. It fires at a much slower rate than the more general QBZ-95 and is capable of taking down targets from ranges in excess of 1000m.
The QBZ-03 is an advanced and versatile variant of the QBZ-95 rifle, designed for a number of roles, including sharpshooting and marksmanship. It was designed to fire multiple rounds at once, a feature which is particularly useful in suppressing enemies in short-distance firefights. The QBZ-03 is heavier and more bulky than the QBZ-95, but offers superior accuracy, range and firepower.
The Chinese People’s Liberation Army also uses the more traditional Type 81 rifle for use in more static combat and for ceremonial purposes. The Type 81 is a 7.62mm caliber and is the most commonly used rifle in the PLA. It is a single fire rifle with a magazine capacity of up to 20 rounds and is a powerful, reliable and precise weapon. That said, it lacks the capacity of magazine and firing rate of other more modern rifles.

QBZ-95 vs QBZ-03

A comparison between the QBZ-95 and QBZ-03 is deserved as they are two of the most recognizable rifles used in the Chinese army. the QBZ-95 is lighter, shorter and simpler than the QBZ-03 and much more effective in close quarter combat. This means, in the event of urban combat, the QBZ-95 is far more efficient and intuitive for achieving success. On the flip side, the QBZ-03 is much more versatile and provides more flexibility with ammunition types and range. It also has much more effective sights and accuracy, both in target acquisition and precision. This increased accuracy makes the QBZ-03 more effective for advanced military operations, such as those requiring sniper accuracy and long range engagements.

QBU-88 Sniper Rifle

The QBU-88 sniper rifle is a semi-automatic weapon system developed by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. It has been designed to meet the requirements of a modern tactical sniper rifle, while offering exceptional accuracy and precision capabilities. It is a 5.8mm caliber rifle with a maximum range of 1000 meters, capable of hitting a target at up to 800 meters with considerable accuracy. It is a single-fire only weapon and has a magazine capacity of 10 rounds, although this is limited depending on the side of the rifle being used. The QBU-88 features a fully adjustable folding bipod, adjustable cheekpiece and recoil pad.
The QBU-88 is popular among Chinese snipers because of its accuracy and precision, making it an ideal weapon for special operations. It also has some unique features that make it more ergonomic than other rifles in the PLA’s inventory. The fact that it can be fired from both the left and right side makes it more versatile and easier to use in rapid fire environments. Additionally, the bipod and adjustable cheekpiece make it much more accurate over long distances.

Type 81 Rifle

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army utilizes the classic Type 81 rifle for more traditional roles. This is a traditional 7.62mm caliber rifle and is the most common rifle used in the PLA. It features an adjustable sight and a full-length wooden stock that makes it easier to steady while taking aim or in sudden firefights. The Type 81 has an overall length of 1,050mm, with a 500mm stainless steel barrel. The magazine capacity is limited to a maximum of 20 rounds, but this can be extended if necessary.
The Type 81 is a well-balanced rifle, making it excellent for sustained fire, particularly when paired with a bipod or other support device. Additionally, the rifle’s weight and balance make it particularly suited to activities such as ceremonial purposes, or where a rifle is required as a symbol of military service. This makes it a versatile and reliable weapon for special operations as well as for general combat situations.

Advantages of Chinese Army Rifles

The advantages of Chinese army rifles are numerous, but the most notable are the robustness of the weapons. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army uses weapons that are designed to be both reliable and durable, allowing soldiers to operate in a variety of environments. The QBZ-03 and QBU-88 offer more flexible options for marksmanship and sniping engagements, while the QBZ-95 and Type 81 offer simpler and more reliable options for traditional combat. This means that Chinese army personnel can be deployed anywhere in the world, in equipped with a reliable and intuitive weapon system.
Additionally, the versatility of the weapons used by the PLA adds to their advantages. The QBZ-95 and QBZ-03 can be adapted and used in a variety of roles, making them extremely useful in urban combat or open field warfare. The QBU-88 sniper rifle is the most powerful and precise weapon in the PLA’s arsenal, capable of taking out targets from extreme distances. Furthermore, the classic Type 81 rifle is perfect for more static combat, or for ceremonial and presentation purposes.

Public Perception of Chinese Army Rifles

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s weapons have seen a surge in popularity within both the civilian and military sector. Part of this is due to the variety of weapons available and their versatile range, as well as their affordable pricing. Civilians are increasingly looking to Chinese weapons to accompany them while they are on outdoor expeditions or in dangerous environments. Equally, military personnel are looking to China’s army rifles for their reliability and proven track record in active service.
The most popular Chinese rifle to be adopted by civilians is the QBZ-95, which is seen as a versatile and reliable all-rounder that is suitable for a variety of purposes. Additionally, the QBZ-03 is often used by precision marksmen and sniper specialists, due to its accuracy and precision at long ranges. The Type 81 rifle is a great alternative for those on a smaller budget, but still retains a degree of accuracy and quality that is unrivaled for its price point.

Limitations of Chinese Army Rifles

Although Chinese army rifles offer a variety of advantages, they also have some limitations which need to be taken into account when deciding which rifle is right for you. Despite the versatility of the QBZ-95, it is limited in its capacity, as the magazine can only hold a maximum of 20 rounds. The QBZ-03 and QBU-88 are also limited in their firepower, as they are semi-automatic weapons and cannot fire in full-auto mode. Additionally, the Type 81 rifle is limited in its ammunition capacity and cannot accommodate larger capacity magazines.
A further limitation to consider with Chinese Army rifles is their ammunition availability. Although most of the territory of China is not subject to any weapons related restrictions, those living abroad may find it harder to acquire ammo for their rifles. As such, it is important to check your local laws and regulations before purchasing a Chinese Army rifle.

Non-Lethal Weapons of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army supplements its arsenal of lethal weapons with a variety of non-lethal weapons. These weapons are designed to incapacitate, subdue or restrain an enemy without causing serious bodily injury, or even death. Non-lethal weapons in the PLA include rubber bullets, paintball guns and pepper sprays, as well as shock guns that rely on electrical currents to temporarily disable or disrupt an enemy’s motor functions.
Non-lethal weapons are extremely useful for police and military personnel who need to apprehend an enemy but may not want to resort to lethal force. They are also used to disperse riots and crowds or to provide support in hostage negotiations. The Chinese people’s Liberation Army has been known to use rubber bullets and shock guns in conflict scenarios, as well as paintball guns in crowd control situations.

Chinese Army Tactics in Relation to Rifles

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has developed a variety of tactics revolving around the use of their rifles, largely based around the versatility of the designs. These tactical doctrines focus on using the different models in combination, and with other weapons, in order to gain the upper hand in any conflict.
The PLA often prefers to utilize multiple weapons systems together in order to increase the effectiveness of their troops. This can involve using a QBZ-03 with a Type 81 rifle in order to combine precision and accuracy with sustained fire, or using a QBU-88 and a QBZ-03 in order to maximize long range engagement. Moreover, their infantry troops are often trained to utilize cover and concealment tactics to their advantage, as well as employing advanced marksmanship techniques.

Battle Scenarios of Chinese Army Rifles

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has deployed its rifles in a variety of different theater operations, ranging from urban combat to long range sniping engagements. The QBZ-95 has proven itself to be an excellent weapon in urban engagements, due to its small size and efficient design. Its 5.8mm caliber firepower is capable of neutralizing most threats in close range and its ability to fire in both semi and full-auto modes mean it is effective in both offense and defense scenarios.
The QBU-88 sniper rifle has also seen considerable success in conflict scenarios, particularly given its accuracy at long range and its powerful firepower. It has been deployed by the PLA for precision sniping engagements, as well as for taking out targets from extreme distances. Finally, the Type 81 rifle has been used for more static combat situations and as a symbol of Chinese military might, as well as for ceremonies and presentations.

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